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I have recently been trying the green sense surface spray. Not only cleans all surface grease and grime easily but smells great too. Cuts through tough cupboard and bench marks and lifts thick grease easily... So everything you really need it to do and we don't have to worry about all those nasty chemicals. I don't buy supermarket sprays and haven't for years because of the chemicals so this is great thank you 👍👍👍


I used the moss & mold remover on my footpath and couldn't believe later that day it was already dying and turning brown today it is completely gone and i can see my pathway again, excellent!


I love Green Sense Products. I have been using the Household Cleaner and it works wonders in the kitchen, cutting through grease and cleaning my counters, cupboards and fridge. The same goes for the bathroom especially in the shower removing soap scum. I have also being using the Moss and Mould it is fantastic removing mould you just spray leave it for a minute and wipe off. I highly recommend Green Sense products and it’s a bonus that it’s totally natural.. bee safe... kid safe and pet friendly!


safe for my dog & cat...not to mention myself!