Frequently Asked Questions

 Home & Garden Products 

Q: How does your product work? 

A: Our 4 main active ingredients are all our products main base formula.

Powered by fermented apple cider & citrus with the addition of other naturally derived ingredients to fit each purpose of use - 

Fermented Apple cider - 8% Acetic acid works to dry out the moss/weed/plant leaf in our weed control  with the help of sunlight, water and oxygen to disturb the photo-synthesis process, lowering the surface tension of water absorbed by the plant.

A natural cleaner used for many types of applications.

Citrus - Weed control - removes the protective cuticle coating of the weed/plant leaf and a well known booster in cleaning & de-greasing.

Clove - Eugenol Breaks down plant membranes in weed control.

Sodium - Dehydrates the plant at safe soil levels.


 Q: How is your home & garden products any different to making my own? 

 A: The difference is our main active ingredients are of much higher strength, stronger & more effective to what is commonly available for household use.

Our ingredients are a synergy blend of all natural ingredients that work to increase greater effect together than the effect individually for greater results for each specific purpose 

 Q: What are the benefits of using your natural home & garden products?

 A: There are many benefits! 

A handy & versatile all in one home & garden product and virtually cleans everything!!! as well as ovens, soap scum, grease, grime,  removes carpet stains (spot test prior), easily cleans copper pots the list goes on.....

It's natural, eco-friendly, chemical free and non toxic, user, child & pet friendly, Bee safe alternative to Glyphosate & chemicals

 Q: How safe to use is your home & garden products?

 A: Very safe to use, your children are even able to help clean just be sure they do not spray into their eyes, as with any product despite containing natural ingredients common safety precautions are highly recommended.

 Q: Where is your product available for purchase?

 A: Currently only available in New Zealand you can buy direct from our online store & will be available in store at soon to be announced retail stockists.


Beeswax wraps 

Q: What are beeswax wraps?

A: Beeswax wraps are made from 100% cotton fabric with a mix of pure bees wax, jojoba oil & almond oil into a sustainable alternative to plastic cling wrap.

Q: What are the benefits of using beeswax wraps? 

A: Beeswax wraps are sourced from natural ingredients, beeswax has anti-bacterial properties which makes it a great alternative to chemically made plastics, making these not only hygenic but better for you!

Q: What are they used for? and how long do they last?

A: Beeswax wraps are used for many different things such as a lunch wrap, cover for left overs, keeping your soaps and shampoo bars fresh & makes a great cover for fruit & veges.

They last from around 6 - 12 months depending on how you care for them - care instructions are found on every pack! 

Once the wax begins to crack they can be easily rejuvenated by plaing in a hot oven 80 degrees for 10 mins and hanging out to dry for less that 5 mins.

Once they have reached there lifespan can be cut into pieces and used as excellent firelighters & will even breakdown in your compost heap.