Our Story 

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Green Sense is a range of ethical and sustainable cleaning products made in Aotearoa New Zealand . The range embodies our commitment to care for the environment and each other and was born out of our family’s desire to reduce waste and to utilise our excess homegrown apples, oranges, lemons and grapefruit. The journey began with repurposing what was naturally available in abundance around us to craft a range of everyday home and garden products that are grounded in enhancing the wellbeing of all living things and the sacredness of the home. Our natural cleaning range is a carefully crafted blend of custom essential oils, botanicals and minerals with an all-natural ability to clean effectively and sustainably. We have considered the impact and benefit of every ingredient individually and collectively to enable you to clean effortlessly and mindfully. The uplifting scent and properties of the essential oil blend providing you with added therapeutic benefits to elevate your sense of wellbeing while you clean. We invite you to experience the botanical bliss captured in each bottle, and create your own routine of cleaning with meaning. As Kaitiaki (Guardian) of our Whenua (Land) sustainability is key in protecting Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) that’s why we harness nature’s abundance of sustainable ingredients, zero-waste packaging, and bio-degradable labeling - it just makes natural sense.

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Made in Aotearoa

Locally sourced premium New Zealand Ingredients 

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Essential Oils 

Made with therapeutic grade high quality essential oils 

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Cruelty Free

No Animal Testing. Free from cruelty to animals