Peace of Mind - Protecting Papatūānuku

Our Story


Earth, Earth mother and wife of Rangi-nui - all living things originate from them.

Hello there! 

I am Kristy, Creator of Green Sense Natural Cleaners.

The importance of a clean home is a way to a happy home and for myself and my family 

an absolute must to prevent utter chaos and as a busy mum its a hard task to manage.

I will admit (and i'm sure most can agree!) there is such an immense sense of satisfaction of a clean home, it's just so rewarding!! 

All that hard work and elbow grease really pays off once your able to finally find the time, let alone motivation or shall I say, procrastination!! 

Well let me share the good news because all is about to be revealed. It was a moment in that everything made sense to me, in how to create, purposeful, meaningful and mindful cleaning products that are beautiful, like decor and enticing to get the cleaning process underway effortlessly, you can basically wipe away your stresses by combining the mental and physical act of cleaning.

Essential oils! not only do they smell divine, they actually help elevate your efficiency and your mood while cleaning, I have found that I am looking for things to clean, I know right? Who does that? 

Combined with each variety of purposeful Cleaner is a custom blend of therapeutic grade essential oil good for releasing stress, tension and improving our overall well being, with just one spray you’ll soon be on your way to blissful, more effective, scrub sessions!

Creating a beautiful range of botanical based natural cleaners with a powerful cleaning ability for superior results is just the start of what I set out to achieve.


"There's something about a clean house, a clean room. It does wonders for the psyche" 

Brian Sansoni


Creating beautiful home cleaners soon became a family affair with our collective conscious efforts found within every aspect of our product processes. 

Making ethical and sustainable choices with reusable and recyclable bottles and containers, synthetic free biodegradable paper labeling, plastic free compostable packaging, and hands on distributing.


"Being Green and Clean is not just an aspiration but an action" 

- Christine Pelosi

Green Sense is the combination of natures instincts a pure purpose that led me to my passion and to me that just makes natural sense.

Happy Cleaning with Meaning from my home and heart to your's..... 

Kristy xxx