Product information

Force of Nature Range - Home & garden 

Fast and effective, non toxic natural alternative for all your home & garden needs in one easy to use product.

Starts working immediately upon application, with excellent results you can see within no time!

Our force of natures home & garden range are all natural based ingredients with the power of nature!

Kind to the environment, safe to use, bee, pet child & user friendly with out any nasty chemicals & it smells fresh like a walk through the rain forest!

All uses available in convenient 1L ready to use - 


 Product use

  • Weed control
  • Moss & Mold removal 
  • Multi Purpose Household Cleaner 
  • Outdoor Cleaner 


 Bees wax wraps 

The sustainable alternative to plastic cling wrap and the ultimate zero waste packaging for your lunch box, food covering, soap & shampoo bar cover, fruit & vege snack covers with out the use of harmful plastics.

Our wraps come in 3 sizes 

Small - 29.5cm x 19cm 

Medium - 30cm x 25cm 

Large - 30cm x 30cm