1L Outdoor Cleaner

1L Outdoor Cleaner


Cleans all your outdoor surfaces, concrete, patios,  driveways, paths, decks, house exterior, windows and walls, fencing and trellis.

Ready to use 1L spray or 20L Bulk  ideal in a nap sack sprayer unit.

Cover the affected areas (recommend spot spraying for direct cleaning) activate for at least 15 mins either leave or rinse.

For larger areas hose, spray & lightly agitate until soapy, activate and leave.

 Contains No Bleach, Toxins, or Harsh Chemicals 


Fast and effective, non toxic natural alternative for all your home & garden needs in one easy to use product.

Starts working immediately upon application, with excellent results you can see within no time!

Our force of natures home & garden range are all natural based ingredients with the power of nature!

Kind to the environment, safe to use, bee, pet child & user friendly with out any nasty chemicals & it smells fresh like a walk through the rain forest!

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